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AIOU Course Code 9407-1 Solved Assignment Autumn 2021


Q.1   Suppose you are hosting a famous TV talk show and you are required to interview a highly popular Pakistani female politician. Write at least ten questions which you will ask her to know about her incredible journey in the field of politics. 


Interview with Marvi Memon, former head of Pakistan’s largest social safety net:

1.      Can you talk about this environment for women and girls in Pakistan today?

2.      What should Pakistani political parties do to empower women in their ranks?

3.      What inspired you to work on issues concerning women in Pakistan?

4.      How has BISP developed since its establishment?

5.      How effective are social safety nets and social protection as a policy measure for poverty alleviation?

6.      BISP has survived through three changes in political leadership within Pakistan since its inception. What is the role of international institutions in the development of BISP?

7.      What impact does their involvement have on local beneficiaries?

8.      In your book “My Parliamentary Diaries” how do you define vulnerability and why?

9.      Have your experiences teaching at Sciences Po informed your current work?

10.  Is this better for female to join parliament in Pakistan?

Q.2   Observe your father’s daily activities closely for a few days and then write a brief and concise paragraph about his daily routine. You are required to use at least ten sequence markers appropriately to create a both cohesive and coherent paragraph.

My father is a disciplined person. He has a strict schedule of his daily routine and he follows it. He gets up early in the morning and takes a way of mosque to say his prayers. After prayers he comes back to home and get ready for morning walk. During this session he does light exercise. At sharp 7:00 am he comes back to home. He takes his breakfast a 7:30 am, in meanwhile, he also read newspaper. After breakfast he gets ready for office and leave for office at 8:30 am. In office he gets busy in his work. He takes his lunch at 1:30 pm and again back to his work. He comes back home at 4:00 pm its tea time.  He takes tea with family. Then he takes some rest. Afterwards he watches TV. At 8 of clock we take our dinner together. After dinner he goes out for walk and see friend. At 10:00pm. Finally he goes into bed for sleep.

Q.3 Write question tags for the following sentences. Notice carefully whether the statement is positive or negative in each case.                                                                                      

  1. It is raining cats and dogs,…………………………………………………………. ?
  2. She does not take interest in Mathematics,…………………………………. ?

         iii.     You were ignorant of classical literature, ………………………………….. ?

  1. She may attend a training session next week,……………………………… ?
  2. The rate of illiteracy increases day by day, ………………………………… ?
  3. I was a friendly person, but circumstances changed me,…………….. ?

         vii.    We should follow the traffic rules,…………………………………………….. ?

         viii.   They would strive hard to be successful,……………………………………. ?

  1. He is good at swimming,……………………………………………………………. ?
  2. She could handle any situation skillfully,……………………………………. ?
  3. Is not it?
  4. Is not interested?
  5. You ignore or not?
  6. Is not she?
  7. Is not increasing?
  8. Am not I?
  9. Must not we?
  10. Are they not?
  11. Is not he?
  12. Is not she?

Q.4   Write an informal letter to one of your cousins and congratulate her / him on successfully contesting national assembly elections as an independent candidate.  Also suggest her/ him which political party he/she may join to serve the country and the nation in the best possible ways. Give logical arguments to convince your cousin.                                                                                      


16 Nov 2021


Dear Cousin

Subject: Congratulation cousin achieving position in the national assembly and give logical arguments join to serve the country.


I am so happy when I heard you got national assembly seat. It was great news for me that you join the national assembly. National assembly seat are highly decorated and full of responsibility. Many candidate apply for national assembly elections but you get this high level job comes with responsibilities. I know you are a country lover person. I suggest you to perform his duty well.

I hope you will work for our country.

I hope to see you soon.


Q.5   The following instances contain some highlighted words, guess the meaning of these words and use them into sentences of your own.                                                                            

  1. It had been raining hard through the night so the ground was saturated.

While a towel is usually quite light, when it is saturated with water it can become extremely heavy.

  1. Some people think that my little brother is annoying because he asks so many questions, but I think that he just has an inquisitive nature.

We were met by three inquisitive stares. They were healthy inquisitive toddlers.

         iii.     It is hard to catch a football that has been fumbled because the oblong shape of the ball makes it difficult to predict where it will bounce.

All the local forecasters are predicting rain for this afternoon and Short sound waves bounce off even small objects

  1. “I wish I had brought my spectacles,” the old librarian remarked as she squinted and strained to read the text.

Motionless she stood, straining eye and ear; she could hear nothing, but the gestures told much.

She squinted at the brush, but nothing was visible. She waited for her eyes to adjust and squinted around her.

  1. After being bitten by snake, the small boy writhed in pain on the ground.

The man writhed in pain, yet his hold on her did not lessen. She clenched her abdomen, gasping as the creature writhed with enough power to ripple her skin as Memon’s did.

Q.6   Express your agreement as well as disagreement with the following issues. Choose a different expression each time.

  1. Economic instability in Pakistan will be tackled efficiently this year.

It is absolutely right that Economic instability in Pakistan will be tackled efficiently this year.

  1. The greatest obstacle to literacy is overpopulation.

Without a doubt the greatest obstacle to literacy is overpopulation these days.

         iii.     Arabic language should be introduced at the grass root level.

Under some circumstances Arabic language should be introduced at the grass root level.

  1. Privatization is a solution of many economic issues.

I am against it that Privatization is a solution of many economic issues.

  1. Girls perform better than boys in the field of social sciences.

I absolutely agree that Girls perform better than boys in the field of social sciences.

Q.7   Look at the front and back cover given below and make ten predictions about the contents of the book.        

1.      It is book of 7 Keys to Improving Your Life Every Day.

2.      It’s publish in 2007.

3.      The writer of this book is Joel Osteen.

4.      Joel Osteen will inspire and motivate you to live with more joy, hope, and peace.

5.      Using his signature easy-to understand style, he reveals seven simple, profound principals that when taken to heart, will help you become all that God has created you to be.

6.      Joel Osteen and his wife Victoria are pastors of America s largest church, Lakewood Church in Houston, TX

7.      The publisher of this book is Running Press, 2010.

8.      Its length is 128 pages.

9.      The subject of this book is Religion and Inspirational.

10.  The ISBN of book 0762438878, 9780762438877.

Q.8   Suppose your cousin has won scholarship from Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and has started getting education in a Western country. Write a letter and give him/her advice to utilize this opportunity in the best possible ways.                                                           


16 Nov, 2021

Dear Cousin

I am very happy to know that you have won scholarship from Higher Education Commission of Pakistan .first of all accept congratulation on this great success. I also have come to know that you are   started getting education in any Western country. A good decision. Although you have never lived or studied abroad before, you love to travel and experience new cultures, and therefore, you are looking for an opportunity to expand your horizons while doing something you love. You are the kind of person who gets along well with others due to being open and considerate of people and their beliefs. Now I am going to give an advice that always make a positive image of Pakistan while staying abroad. Chances are that you will not be the only international student. Therefore, it’s important to demonstrate that you get along well with others. This is not the same as saying you are the most social or friendly. Whether you are intro or extroverted, recruiters just want to know you are capable of maturely handling multicultural interactions. We only need to focus on improvements in our behaviours and personality and be good human beings as a nation, we will improve as a nation then. Tolerance between ethnicities are very important. We should be tolerant. Every nation should respect the customs & values of every other nation. That’s the way we can have a better image.

God bless you and give you great success on any step of life.

With regards

Your brother



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