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AIOU Course Code 8601-1 Solved Assignment Spring 2022


Assignment No. 1


Note: Attempt all questions. Please avoid reproducing form books, your own analysis
and synthesis will be welcome.
Q. 1 Specify the personal and professional characteristics of good teachers. (20)

Personal characteristics

1) Fairness

Fairness  is  one of  the characteristics  of  the  students’  favorite teachers. All  humans possess  an inbuilt  sense  of  fair  play. Whenever  a person  violates,  the other  person in this  situation is  prone  to react  negatively..




2)    Positive  Attitude

3)  Sense of  Belonging

4 ) Personal  Touch

5) Creativity




Q.2 Define effective teaching. Discuss the factors contributing towards effective teaching. (10+10)

Effective Teaching

The  concept  of  “Effective Teaching” is  considered  as  a range of  factors  that  collectively work  together  and  result  in effective  learning.   Most  of  the  people  agree  that  the  basic purpose  of  teaching is  to enable  learning.  An elaboration to this  concept  is  required  to fulfill  the  needs  of  today’s  youth in a  knowledge-driven society where  information rapidly  increases  at  great  scale.   Therefore  the  concept  of  teaching  should  move  beyond the  lower  order  skills  of  acquisition and  reproduction of  knowledge  and facts.

The  students  require  equipping them  with more  recent  and advanced body of  knowledge, and  enabling  them  to apply,  upgrade  and  create  knowledge.

There  are various  aspects  of  effective  teaching, such  as;






Q.3 Highlight the steps of planning “development of instruction”. (20)


The  plans  of  class  room  activities  to be  happened  each  day make  the  teaching effective. The  teachers  go through many steps  for  planning a  lesson.   Six steps  are  given below  to guide  the  teachers  to  create their  first  lesson  plans.  Each step  is  comprised  by  a  set  of questions:

  1. Outline learning objectives

The  lesson  objectives  are  usefully  stated  in  terms  of  what  students  will  achieve  at the  end  of  the  lesson.  The  first  step is  to  determine  as  a  teacher  what  you  want students  to learn  and  be  able  to  do at  the  end  of  class.  To help you specify your objectives  for  student  learning,  answer  the  following questions:





Q.4 a) Describe difference between instrinsic and extrinsic motivation. (10+10)

The  motivation  arises  from  internal  factors  such  as  a  child’s  natural  feeling of  curiosity, exigent,  confidence  and  satisfaction  when performing  a  task.  People  who  are  involved in  a task  because  of  intrinsic  motivation appear  to  be  engaged  and  even consumed,  since  they  are motivated  by  the  activity  itself  and  not  some  goal  that  is  achieved  at  the  end  or  as  a  result  of the  activity.  Intrinsic  motivation is  the  ultimate  goal  in education at  every level.

Example:  Children play game  for  no……………..




b) Define the term inquiry approach and enlist the methods that come under the umbrella of
this approach.

Enquiry Approach


Inquiry” is defined as “a seeking for truth, information, or knowledge — seeking information by questioning.” Individuals carry on the process of inquiry from the time they are born until they die. This is true even though they might not reflect upon the process. Infants begin to make sense of the world by inquiring. From birth, babies observe faces that come near, they grasp objects, they put things in their mouths, and they turn toward voices. The process of inquiring begins with gathering information and data through applying the human senses — seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, and smelling..




Q.5 What is an activity? Discuss the importance of activity method. Name the different types of
activities you would use in English. (5+5+10)

Activity Method

Before  explaining the  activity method,  it  seems  better  to answer  this  question,  what  is  an activity?  Anything which is  carried  out  with a  purpose  in a  social  environment  involving physical  and mental  action.  Such  activities  help in  the  establishment  of  stimulating environment  for  creative  expression.

Importance of Activity Method

The  learners  are  actively  involved as  the  environment  is  democratic. The activities  are  interactive  and  student-centere…….



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