AIOU All Levels Key Books

                          These are the important books of different codes of different programs of AIOU in PDF. that available at very low price first you can see the assignments, and then buy like a real shop on this online book store. Here malikaccademy provides all types of all classes key books . table is given below just click and enjoy reading books

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these all book are available in urdu medium

CodeBook NameviewDownload
545Political system in pakistanviewDownload
4668pakistan ki aini or siasi traqi (2)view download
4667pakistan ki aini or siasi traqi (1)viewDownload
5504Catalouging (teory and practice)viewDownload
6501Educational psychology and GuidanceviewDownload
6507taleemi paimaish or jaizaviewDownload
6508Teaching of EnglishviewDownload
6509Teaching of UrduviewDownload
8601General Method of TeachingviewDownload
8605Education Leadership and ManagementviewDownload
8609Philosophy of EducationviewDownload
8610Human development & LearningviewDownload
8611Critical thinking & reflrctive practicesviewDownload
8612Professionalism in TeachingviewDownload
8623Elementry educationviewDownload
8624Secondry EducationviewDownload
8602Educational Assessment and EvalutionviewDownload
8625Higher EducationviewDownload
8603Circulem DelvlopmentviewDownload
8606Citizenship Education and CommunityviewDownload
8604Research Method in EducationviewDownload
837Educational researchviewDownload
6500Foundations of EducationviewDownload
6505Islami system of educationviewDownload


There are all kinds of handbooks available in the bazaars and bazaars but our team is the only real update written by the Open University administration because the students are worried about whether it is correct or not. So that we can be trusted only the raw facts data is provided by the institution when sending the admission form to the children.

Don’t be offended by the Allama Iqbal Open University pamphlet test as it is truly a unique platform for study and learning. That is why every year millions of candidates get degrees in various programs and become professionals in life skills.

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